Customers reserve a spot in line via text

SafeQ delivers an SMS check-in and traffic flow system that allows you to easily manage social distancing in response to COVID-19. Customers reserve a spot with their mobile phone and check-in virtually, instead of waiting in line. They can also check to see how busy you are. You can manage walk-ins and no shows via our easy-to-use app as well as manage overall traffic flow.

Safely manage social distancing with a virtual line

SafeQ - Step One - Check if store is busy

Customers can check in virtually via text to see if you are busy and book a spot in line before leaving home.

SafeQ - Step Two - Book your spot in line

Customers wait in their cars—without worrying about social distancing or potential inclement weather.

SafeQ - Step Three - Man checking in customers

Customers are notified when they can enter and shop safely—without the frustration of waiting in long lines.

Easy for businesses to manage

Success for your businesses today depends on how safe you can keep your staff and customers. One employee at your front door is all you need. They can manage check-ins, including pre-reservations and visitors without reservations. The system is configured to the customer count you select.

  • Manage social distancing with a simple and easy system.
  • Eliminate frustration and long lines
  • Your store or business will never be crowded

Safe. Simple. Secure.

Implementing SafeQ

  • We set up a unique phone number 
  • We provide store-front signage 
  • You can promote on social media and website 
  • Run system from an app
Virtual Line for Customers

  • Customers subscribe to your unique phone number (GDPR compliant)
  • Text to see how busy you are
  • Reserve their place in line
  • Wait in their cars until they can enter your business
  • Your staff can check customers in or out via the app in seconds without any contact
  • Walk-up visitors or cancellation can be managed easily via the app
  • Entire process is contactless and can be adjusted as your customer capacity count changes

SafeQ is ideal for any brick and mortar store or business that has customers visiting

Combine with Contactless Check-In

Streamline COVID-19 screening with our Contactless Check-In platform. Staff and visitors can register online in advance or in person, have a contactless temperature reading that will permit entry with a fast-pass on their mobile phone. All screening data is captured and stored for future reporting and contact tracing.

Contactless check-in line up thermal check
Firebolt contactless check in temperature check

We all want to get our businesses open again. We will get through the COVID-19 pandemic, but we may be practicing social distancing for longer than any of us expected. SafeQ helps you manage your business safely and responsibly.

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