Virtual Events

Virtual events are a great alternative to live events that allow you to engage your audience completely online instead of in person.

Online Events That Engage Your Audience

This powerful event engine helps marketing professionals create engaging virtual events. There has never been a better time to host online events. Let’s face it— your customers could use a fun and informative event to attend.

Imagine a system that provides you with everything you need to plan an engaging and inspiring event

  • A secure online virtual event unique and customized to your brand
  • Complete full email platform for pre and post emails
  • Interactive tools, include ability to survey attendees, offer prizes, and more

Why Engage360 Virtual Events?

Engage360 takes the pain out of building, marketing, and managing your branded virtual events.

  • Engage with customers while practicing social distancing
  • Broaden reach by engaging consumers from anywhere
  • Create regionalized events with geo-location
  • Customizable settings including age-gates, multiple guest types, and more

Engage 360 is a full event management system and can host virtual and live events.

Firebolt Virtual Events - Man cheers his peers on a virtual event
Virtual Events Streaming Services - Zoom, Twitch, WebEX, Youtube Live

How it works.

It’s never been easier to get everything you imagined from an event management system.

  • Create beautiful, branded content, including an RSVP site, personalized email communications, and pre-event surveys.
  • Set up nurture campaigns to correspond with all event stages to keep in contact with your attendees. 
  • Attendees receive personalized email communications with calendar integrations.
Virtual Events Pre Event Set Up

On event day, connect the Livestream platform of your choice — Zoom, Webex, Twitch, YouTube Live etc. 

  • Send a unique meeting link to each pre-registrant 10 minutes before the event. 
  • Host an impactful event
  • During the event, guests can submit questions to the moderator

Once the event is over, keep in contact with your attendees.

  • Thank you messages
  • Post-event surveys
  • Discount codes
  • Prizes and more
Virtual Events Post Event Email

Event Registration

Responsive event RSVP website that looks great on mobile, tablet or desktop and is customized with your brand’s look and feel.

Lead & Capture Survey

Tools to capture event data including demographics and brand/product survey questions.

Email Marketing

Integrated email marketing tools to confirm registration, thank guests for attending, and deliver product offers.

Digital Photo / Video

Engaging your audience online is important. Add photos and videos to your virtual event through our platform to keep your audience focused on your content.


Offer prizes for your virtual events. Manage your prize inventory and have the flexibility to set, change, and manage prizing.

Guest List Upload

Import a list of target guests into the platform for outbound marketing.


Why Work with Firebolt?



Create powerful marketing campaigns to ignite your virtual events.


We collaborate with brand teams, agencies and suppliers to create memorable events.


Our platform is secure, reliable, and scalable. You can easily and rapidly deploy technical integrations.


This system provides high-end experiences and goes beyond simple templates and data capture.


We can help you build unique customer engagement opportunities throughout your event.


When you are ready for live events, use the same platform.

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